GRW-Cooperation Network

Electronic-Relevant Topics and Spheres of Activities in the Region Brandenburg – Berlin(ERT-BB)


17 Business Companies and Institutions of the Region Brandenburg–Berlin



- New materials / Sintering technologies
- Adhesive technology with multifunctional secundary effect
- Laserbonding
- Low-energy transistors
- Pressure sensor technology
- Chiplets
- All-industry testing services, environmental testing


- Microsystems technology and sensor technology for hydrogen
- Advanced Packaging
- Microintegration, SiP
- Reliable elctronics
- Digitisation in agriculture and forestry – 
  intersection agriculture and forestry
- Special purpose machinery manufacture


Network works in the second supporting period,
August 1, 2022 - July 31, 2024


"Network is Government-funded with Capital of the Federation and of the German State Brandenburg within the Scope of common Task: "Improvement of Regional Economic Structures“ - GRW-Infrastructure“